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Bali 2018

After the busiest months of 2018, we decided to take a few days off and head back home (Singapore) for Christmas. We wanted to do something different this time other than eating and shopping, perhaps going somewhere else..

Julie decided Bali.

So we went to the Renaissance Hotel.

The hotel was exceptional!

I believe this is a new hotel, most of the facilities are new, and even our rooms were recently renovated.

Oh well.. As usual something bad has to happen. We got cheated on the Taxi from the airport, the driver agreed on a different rate before we got on. So we got ripped off 60euros for our first ride. I would usually get super pissed, but hey it's holidays and Christmas. Yeah whatever.. Just let it be.

The Hotel Reception found out about the entire drama and they offered us a room upgrade to a suite. (I mean... Seriously - Let's go!)

My advise to tourists to Bali, don't get a taxi from the Airport terminal. Go to the Taxi Stand and get a Taxi with a fixed meter/fare.

This must be the best hotel ever, we had a personal driver to drop us right in front of our door steps. There was literally everything you need just a phone call away.

The service was EXCEPTIONAL.

Perhaps we only feel that way because we are living in Europe. The service in Europe, let alone France, can sometimes be horrendous. Don't mention service, I think the word they use is respect. Oh well..

The hotel had 3 swimming pool. Actually we wanted to do some outdoor activities, but the weather wasn't exceptional. But hey, we still witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets and had a fantastic Indonesian dinner. We also attended a gym class with a personal coach, Julie did the SPA, and I managed to reply some emails.. (as usual)

Speaking of Emails - I had just received an invitation to be part of a Movie - to be the hands of an actor who doesn't play the piano. (yeah only the hands). They had just finished filming the movie in BALI! - COINCIDENCE! The energy I breathe in and out whenever these things happen so randomly - God must have just given me a pat on my back.. saying - Go on then! What are you waiting for?

OK! Let's not forget that I'm on holidays and shouldn't really be working.

Let's talk about the breakfast. The food, oh my.. AMAZING. Egg benedict, bacons, noodles you name it. I have never taken Coffee in my life, it gives me a terrible headache and I think I have an allergy as well. Well they serve wonderful coffee here and Julie absolutely loves it. So you know where to go if you want to Visit Bali :)

We went to the beach, but the weather wasn't great.

So we went straight back to the hotel for a swim. I think one of the best holidays for us in awhile.

Merry Christmas to you all and looking forward to many new projects in 2019 :)

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