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South Africa

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

What do you think of when you hear South Africa?

Mountains? Wild life? Gold Mines? Elon Musk?

Yeah that's right, my very first trip to South Africa turned out to be pretty amazing!

There were the working days, then there were the visiting days (awesome)

First I checked into a really nice hotel at the Sunsquare MonteCasino.

Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways

Really nice hotel to begin with.

There's absolutely everything in there - restaurants, bars, arcade, casino and even a church!

The purpose of this trip was to help adjudicate a piano competition at the Kids talent festival. Play a recital. give masterclasses to the winners, and do a radio interview at Classic 1027.

Then the long days of teaching....

I met quite a few exceptional young talents. I believe South Africa has a good future for music, so much potential! The students were very attentive, they took every advise that I gave. Hats off!

The organizers decided to bring me on a road trip, to the game reserve at Pilanesberg National Park

You know when I was a kid, I used to receive postcards from friends on holidays.

I was a poor child back then who never traveled.

This day, I can say I walked right out of a postcard!

Had a really fruitful trip to South Africa.

For souvenirs, I bought a stack of Peri-Peri hot sauce.

Love them!

So back again on flight - this time I almost couldn't board.

Over-booked flight..

I've been flying so much sometimes it feels like being stuck in a lift, who cares about the class these days.. Anyway drama aside, my wife accepted a private convert invitation from the Chinese Embassy. So its gonna be concert on arrival.

Happy National Day you Chinese folks!

Signing out!

See you on the next blog

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