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Reflets CD Launch at Steinway

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

So its official! Reflets, my second album is now out for sale.

You can now purchase it on every online platform. Amazon, iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Deezer, you name it.

This mini-concert, would be the first concert leading to the opening of the next piano island festival 1-7 July 2019. Featuring International concert pianists Philippe Cassard, Poom Prommachart, Dario Candela and Aimo Pagin at the Esplanade.

Arrived on Saturday at 3pm, and saw the Changi Jewel for the very first time.

What a sight!

One of the world's biggest indoor jungle/waterfalls.

A long list of things-to-do ahead of me.

- Rent a Car

- Prepare presentations and speeches

- CD release

- Pre festival meeting with organizers

- Sight inspection of all the concert halls and backstages

- Printing of materials

- Radio Interview

- Pick up the artists

- Check in at the hotels

- Festival opening ceremony

- Survive 7 days of festival

- Run BTS at all the Concerts

- Adjudicate at the Piano Competition

- Fly to Paris transfer to Budapest

- Survive another 5 more days of Festival

- Fly back to Paris for 3 days

- Fly back to Singapore

From the 1st - 19th of July I will have to be a machine.

No more time for breaks!!!

Playing the piano has always been quite a natural thing for me.

But what isn't, is speaking before/after. I still, sometimes, feel a little strange, awkward.

To be honest I haven't touched the piano since 3 weeks, I've been too busy with organizing the festivals and answering hundreds of emails from parents and students.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do. Its just, the level of stress is on a whole new level. When you are stressed about a concert, its fine. But when you are stressed about something else happening somewhere else, sometimes I have to admit there's too much on my plate. I've learnt over the years to contain my emotions and nerves.

What people don't realize most of the time, is that I'm human and I can make mistakes.

The biggest mistake this time, was arriving on the day before a concert with tons of other stuff to do. My heart and body wasn't in the same room.

I played 3 pieces by Debussy from the new album.

And of course I had to play something fast, so I played an etude by earl wild.

It wasn't at it's best with all the obstacles I've yet to dégagé playing through my head.

Well since it was a Sunday morning, I guess people weren't too judgmental. They were simply there to enjoy the music and send their regards.

A rather successful launch considering all the hustle from airport to airport.

A huge thank you to Steinway Gallery Singapore for which without, I wouldn't have got to where I am today. For their professionalism, and for organizing this event on a Sunday morning.

Not to forget our VIPs who came to support.

Senior Minister of State Ms Sim Ann

the French Ambassador Mr Marc Abensour with his family - on the left, Mei Hui, Pianist and teacher of Esther.

Lets not forget Esther who started off this mini concert.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Best friends from Paris 2010!

Wayne and Charmaine

With my dearest mother who gave me life.

I hope you will always be proud.

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