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Happy New Year 2018

Thank you my dear friends for your birthday wishes. I still havent found time to realize it was my birthday. I promise to reply each and everyone of you after the 15th!!

I've been working through Christmas and New Year and now my birthday. For the last 5 years I had a vision to organize a piano festival, I wanted to change the world. It took me 2 years to plan, 6 months to organize, 15 000 emails. Many ups and downs, I've basically invested my entire life into this project. 

I had no help from anyone. Zero sponsors.  Together with my wife, we founded a foundation to help fund the festival. I put all my heart and time into it, all my savings are being invested into the future of music. My only wish is to help younger and struggling talented musicians find their place.

Now, this is it. Today we will be welcoming many young musicians from all over the world. 140 hours of masterclasses, 9 piano recitals, 3 piano competitions. Tonight is the night I've been waiting for since 2 years!! 

Please, if you are around the region, come support our piano festival, attend our daily masterclasses and concerts. That would be the best birthday gift :) For those of you who can't make it here, I'll be live streaming the competitions on the festival's Facebook page.

Cheers, and have a great year ahead! 🥂 Sante, vivre la musique!!

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