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Malacca - Singapore 2019

Since I had to stay back in Singapore to prepare for the next Piano Island Festival. I accepted a last minute invitation to perform and teach in Malacca.

Ms Lai Mei Kuen is a wonderful friend, and a dedicated music teacher who brought up some of the most prominent musicians in Malaysia. She has always been very supportive of my projects. It was her idea that we do the masterclasses in Malacca.

Thanks to the organizers we were really able to enjoy this short trip. Ms Lai along with her ex-students, brought us around the city. It's quite a beautiful city, not too touristy, mostly good food everywhere.

Special thanks to Ms Yeo Hwei Yee who was so kind to welcome us at her school.

The masterclasses went rather well.

(If you look at the photo below, it would be hard to tell who's teaching) ;)

Anyway. Masterclass followed by a short recital. I was able to catch up with some old friends late into the evening. It was Lunar new year season, so we had quite some snacks (too much for a supper to begin with)!

I stayed 2 nights in Malacca. First to teach and perform, then after I stayed on one more night to find a printing shop. All those festival materials (brochures, tickets etc.) Oh my life...

The highlight of this trip was that I brought my mother along. She rarely shows up at my concerts due to work - I drove her from home to Malacca, under a heavy rain. Well now at least she knows what I do for a living..

- Now back to Singapore (more teaching)

I was really happy to teach at CHIJ. The MEP teacher there happens to be my music teacher when I was back at school

- Mrs. Lim.

Naturally I would accept any invitations from her without a second thought!

Then there was more teaching at Steinway before the next take off.

My student Andrea literally flew from Italy for 3 intensive days of Masterclasses.

We were working on his new upcoming recording. In those 3 days we were able to work on all Etudes Op.10.

Check out his new album HERE!

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