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Hommage a Debussy

In the beginning of this year I was performing both books of Debussy Images.

I knew it was the year of Debussy but I wasn't planning on anything special really.

I was already rather occupied with organizing the upcoming Piano Island Festival and 2 concert tours in Europe. All of those practice time on top of a new teaching post I had just accepted at the school of music.

Of all coincidences, I received an offer to record at the Budapest National Radio. Naturally I accepted and proposed a full Debussy program featuring well known works and some of my childhood pieces including Claire de Lune, La plus que Lente, Arabesque etc

It was decided that I would give a solo recital before my tour in 'October' - where I will be expected to perform 3 back to back concerts, 2 concerti in Italy, then head straight to Budapest to record my new Debussy CD.

Of course memorizing all these music is nothing new. I've been doing it my entire life - just that I now have to juggle teaching, organizing festivals/competitions and perform (with my mind at peace)

Few weeks before the recital, I had recently received an invitation to perform at the Salle Cortot in Paris. This time, it was my teacher Odile Delangle who will be celebrating her 40th year at Ecole Normale. She requested that I perform Feux d'artifice, rightly so, that was the piece I performed for my final year exams. Speaking of coincidences!

The program of the recital:

CLAUDE DEBUSSY Suite Bergamasque

Prelude – Menuet – Clair de lune – Passepied La plus que lente Images Oubliée Page d’album (Vêtement du blessé) Arabesque n°1

FRANZ LISZT Paraphrase de concert sur Rigoletto S.434

CLAUDE DEBUSSY La fille aux cheveux de lin Feux d’artifice Images Premier Livre Ballade

FREDERIC CHOPIN Nocturnes in C Sharp Minor Fantasie Impromptu Op.66 Grande Polonaise Op.22

All in all I would think this to be a rather successful recital with a warm public. We had a full seating 4 days before the show.

The audience (everyone other than the little boy on the first row) were very enthusiastic. ;) The adrenaline kept pushing me to play more and so I went on the play 3 more pieces

- Volodos: Turkish March

- Debussy: Quelques aspects de nous n'irons plus au bois parce qu'il fait un temps insupportable (Trust me the piece is easier to play than pronouncing the title)

- Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 Jan Ekier

Next Stop - Paris!

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