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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

I've finally decided to take sometime out of my comfortable life, to write about, review and recall some important moments in my pianistic career. I will be sharing with you some good experiences and of course I won't be hiding the nasty ones.

People often think of musicians as pop icons and rock stars. Let me assure you, being a classical musician (especially pianist) is one of the hardest (if you're an asian and not named after Lang Lang or Yundi LI) métier​ in the world. I do consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to perform as frequently as I wish. Since 2015, I've relocated to Reunion Island (in the middle of nowhere) to be left alone. Just Kidding. For family reasons and to practice with tranquility. I know, I know. I'm currently working as a professor at the national music school in Saint Denis, and recently became the official piano accompanist of the school (in other words I sight-read music all day).

​I'll also be writing some reviews (I know some concert organizers won't be happy with this one) of hotel accomodation I've been forced to live with :) Restaurants in which I've had the chance to dine in, Music concerts (Good and Bad ones). ​I would consider my own reviews to be extremely sincere and genuine, especially since I am not a professional critic and I kinda know what good and bad really represents. Hope to see you all on the next blog!

I'll try to write positive! ;)

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