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Chopin Recital

After the festival season in July, I took the month of August to practice for my 3 up-coming projects.

- Chopin Recital

- Tour in South Africa

- Schumann Concerto in Italy

This was one of the best chamber music recitals I ever had.

First half only for Chopin E minor concert with Arsis Quartet, and second half solo works.

They concert was sold out 1 month before it even began. The maximum capacity of this hall would usually be 350, but they decided to add chairs and sold 500 instead.


I had just recently launched a new piano season, where we would be organizing 5 concerts in 2019/2020. Andrea Molteni (Italy), Alvaro Siviero (Brazil), Jean Marc Luisada (France) and Poom Prommachart (Thailand)

Impressive how they fit so many people into one room...

Had a shaky start to the concerto as usual. In the Chopin concertos, the first 2 mins are always for you to pretend you are not waiting. Always wonder, what do musicians do when its not their turn to play.. Rest, they say. How do you rest in front of 500 people... do it back stage! (kidding)

We only just had 2 rehearsals before the concert. Honestly I feel that both concertos are more flexible with the quintet versions. The pianist could have more space to do the appropriate rubatos, and the strings can produce similar effects to the woodwinds. Less scores to be printed, and less musicians to argue with ;) That removes the conductor from the picture, so the first violinist has to be very firm with the pulsations, and have a good understanding with the soloist.

The second half was only solo performances.

I chose a program which I knew very well, to focus my time on the concerto. Schumann especially, I will be performing Schumann for the very first time. I won't have enough time to learn it, because I will be in South Africa for 2 weeks..

This concert was a huge success. Firs of all, I take every performance very seriously, life as if my life depends on it. Even more so, when it's a recital in a city where I reside - and more than half the hall have been to my previous concerts, amongst them my students, colleagues and family.

A good prospect for the musical life here!

Next stop - South Africa!

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